Morning Music Notes – Music That Will Keep You On the Dance Floor – Forever

Gregg Allman To Get Married – for the 7th Time

Yes, this is somehow the top story we have for you. Let’s recap the love live of the Allman Brothers Band frontman. Gregg Allman is 64. His fiancée is a 24 year old named Shannon (via Rolling Stone). Gregg was asked what his wife-to-be thought about being Wife #7 and he said Lucky #7!! “That’s not what she’s becoming. She’s becoming wife Number One. I don’t have a wife, I haven’t had one for years.” Actually, she’s about to become rich ex-wife number 7.

Check out a clip of his discussion on CNN below, as Gregg tries to produce as many ex-wives as the Allman Brothers Band have albums. Did you know that Cher was one of Gregg’s ex-wives? Fascinating, I know!

American Idol Star Adam Lambert Tops Billboard Charts

If you think American Idol is going away, I must tell you that your prayers have gone unheard. In fact, American Idol Adam Lambert has replaced American Idol Carrie Underwood at the top of the Billboard charts (via – surprise! – Billboard). Yup, this is what the music industry has come to. Rolling Stone points out that this makes Adam Lambert the first openly gay artist to top the Billboard charts. I thought Eminem had a few number 1 albums, didn’t he?

Lambert sold 77,000 copies of his album, while Underwood dropped to 55,000. In somewhat decent news, indie stars Beach House debuted at number 7, with 41,000 albums sold – a new high for the band. They didn’t crack the top 40 with their debut album.

Actor Justin Timberlake to Have a Go At Music Again

Mr. Jessica Biel is going to provide the musical soundtrack to the movie, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (via Guardian). The movie stars Justin Timberlake’s fiancée Jessica Biel. JT will write the musical score, and also work as music supervisor, choosing other artists’ songs for the soundtrack. “Oh look, 12 N Sync songs would be PERFECT for this scene!”

Watch Josh Homme in a Scissor Sisters’ Infomercial

If this infomercial starring Josh Homme were to run at 2 in the morning, when my purchase power is hitting its peak, while my will power will have me buy anything (which explains the push up bra collection I have), I would have a copy of the new Scissor Sisters album. Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters professed his love for the Queens of the Stone Age front man, saying ““It’d be a dream collaboration, bec­ause I’m a huge fan. I really, really want to sing on the next Queens Of The Stone Age album. I’m desperate for it,” (via Consequence of Sound). Instead, he got an awesome infomercial with Josh Homme playing an awesomely lame salesmen, sometimes talking about the “Scissor Sitters” and music “getting you on the dance floor, and keeping you on the dance floor – forever” amongst other gems. Watch it below, and then mail a money order to him.

Listen! SBTRKT – gamelena

Masked London producer (obligatory intro) SBTRKT is in the studios making chili music. What exactly is he making? Well, he let us know, by sharing a new track, gamelena. If you like SBTRKT, give his latest offering a listen. And if you know what “gamelena” is, let me know.

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