Listen! Modeselektor featuring Thom Yorke – All Buttons In

After the news of Robin Gibbs and Peter Jones passing away, you’re in need of some good news. In my world, good news revolves around Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. It also revolves around free candy, so if Thom Yorke ever hands out free candy, consider it the best news day in the history of the universe. Earlier this month, the excellent song This by Modeselektor and Mr. Thom Yorke hit the airwaves.

Modeselektor ft Thom Yorke - This (via Monkeytown Records)

Some kind fellow (or whatever the female equivalent of fellow is) uploaded the B-side to This to YouTube. Monkeytown Records has the tracks up for listening, and notes the B-Side, All Buttons In, is “an experimental rework of Thom Yorke’s vocals”. Listen to the 2-minute experiment below.

Modeselektor featuring Thom Yorke – All Buttons In

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