Implant Magnets in Your Arm, Use an iPod Nano and Get a Strapless Watch

File this under Slightly Extreme. Dave Hurban implanted magnets into his skin for his iDermal project, got himself an iPod Nano, and made himself a strapless watch (via Slash Gear). Sure, straps are somewhat annoying, but body piercing is cool, right?

Says Hurban, “Those magnets are actually called micro-dermal anchors, and in body piercing they are very common. The tops are actually just 5 millimeter magnetic tops.” The opposite side of the tops get secured to the iPod, which magnetically attaches to his wrist, creating the strapless watch. Dave has tried jogging with the watch on, and it stays securely in place, leading me to believe that he doesn’t run very fast. But hey, he doesn’t have to buy one of those goofy arm straps that holds his iPod in place!

Check out a video of the process below, which might not be cool for your office if the sight of blood and tattoos is frowned upon.

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