How Cute: Instagram Logo Made Into A Real Square Camera

Now, this doesn’t actually exist. Mocked up by ADR Studio, the Instagram Socialmatic camera takes the logo of the $1 billion app, Instagram, and imagines it as a square camera in real life (via Digital Trends). The Instagram Socialmatic (can we call it the Instagramatic?) is a touchscreen digital camera with a built-in printer so that you get the full Polaroid effect.

Instagram Socialmatic (via ADR Studio)

What about the social sharing aspect, which is key to Instagram? Why, the printed photos have a QR code so that other Socialmatic users can follow the photographer simply by aiming their cameras and phones at the code. Do people actually use QR codes? I personally know no one. However, in a world where people make up futuristic and pie-in-the-sky art projects, this Instagram Socialmatic Camera might actually do well.

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  1. 2012/05/10

    […] pictures that way. However, if you could combine Instacanvas with the non-existent but pretty cool Instagram camera, you might be the coolest guy on the street. /* This entry was posted in Technology and […]