Rap Failure on Jeopardy, Plus Indie Jeopardy Music Questions

This week, there was a question about a Roc-a-fella artist who signs a certain ghetto anthem. A poor contestant heard the word “anthem” and went down the wrong path (via Stereogum). Check it out below.

There have been a slew of indie music questions on Jeopardy the past few months. I’ve included a couple of them below, as well as a classic video of how not to win Final Jeopardy. Check them out.

Indie Music on Jeopardy!

jeopardy-foxes (via @subpop)

What is "Fantastic Mr"?

(answer: Fleet Foxes)

jeopardy best coast (via bestcoast.com)

Friends? Best Friends - like you and me!

(answer: Best Coast)

I Didn’t Know Tommy Boy Was a Music Legend

Granted she’s older than music itself, but still – get the right entertainment genre right at least!

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