This is Why The Internet Exists: A Video of Cats Puking With a Deadmau5 Soundtrack

This video is amazing. I wanted to save it for the Friday Afternoon Funnies, but I see a few other websites have picked up on it and I don’t want to look like a gigantic copycat. Odd, since the video is from October 2011. Anyway, not much explanation needed here – cats puking with a Deadmau5 electronica soundtrack. It sounds awesome lame, but when you see the cats’ stomachs moving to the beat as they are about to puke, you can’t help but thank the heavens that someone found the time to do this. Yay Internet! I also think there is a cat and mouse pun waiting to be made…but I’m too busy making my own puking compilation (self video footage, too!).

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1 Response

  1. punchghoster says: is a much better and far more original cat puke music video. They stole our idea and made it suck, and its more popular, oh the irony. GHOST PUNCHER/SLAVE CLOTHES/CAT PUKE