Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Icona Pop (2012 Camden Crawl Review)

PeteHatesMusic is at the 2012 Camden Crawl, and giving a gig by gig review as they happen. Below is our Camden Crawl Critical Conclusions for….Icona Pop.

Venue: Camden Rock

First Impressions: I wasn’t sure how much “live” music there would be and my answer was basically none. The first song featured DJ’ed beats and soaring, duel harmonies, and lots of smiles and high energy.

Stage Presence: 9.5/10 – Dancing on speakers, coming down into the crowd, high diving and pulling guys on stage, these 2 Swedish electro-pop singers had all eyes on them.

Crowd Reaction: 9/10 – The 9 should have an asterisk. A big group of guys and girls in front of me were going bonkers, the guys behind me said to his friend, “I’m sorry, they sounded good on YouTube”

Banter: 7/10 -They said Cheers and asked the crowd to do the same way too much. They tried to ask the crowd if they were ready to party but it was generally a weak effort.

Number of times they said their band name: Just once at the beginning and once at the end.

Water/alcohol/neither: Both ladies were drinking big cans of Carlsberg. One even took a swig from someone’s cider in the crowd. Rock on.

Number of guys dressed as giant bananas: 1

The Last Word: 8/10 – I was hoping for some live synth and knob turning but got what appeared to be pre-recorded DJ tracks that sounded more like Skrillex and less like their NES-styled blips and bops. Their vocals are well executed and not a product of the studio. Hard to knock them when everyone was having a damn good time.

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