Weekend Music: Beastie Boys Edition

The passing of The Beastie Boys’ MCA means many things to many people. The Beastie Boys are a deep group: a punk band that helped break hip hop; a party band that fought for freedom in Tibet; a soulful group who dropped bigger basslines than anyone.

At their best, The Beastie Boys were all these things at the same time. At their worst – they were the still the best.

This clip is from 1998. Hello Nasty had just been released, and the Beasties went on a world tour with their entire label – Grand Royal. Each night, they took the stage with the likes of Mixmaster Mike, Money Mark, and Biz MarkieIt’s everything that made The Beastie Boys great: fun, heavy, funky, and totally original.

Join us in starting our weekend by cranking up a legendary band. This weekend, PHM drinks to the memory of MCA, and celebrates the many sides of The Beastie Boys.


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