Friday Afternoon Funnies: David Bowie and Tilda Swinton Are Eerily Similar Looking

David Bowie. Born in London, England in 1947.

Tilda Swinton. Born in London, England in 1960.

The 13 year age gap tells us they are 2 separate people. They have never said they are related. But are they the same person, through some weird science fiction, time travel experiment that we don’t know about – just look at the proof below! One will conquer music, while the other will do well as an actress. Unfortunately, their desire to wear the same outfits and hairstyles is what ultimately got them caught. Courtesy of the amazing Tilda Stardust Tumblr comes photographic evidence that David Bowie and Tilda Swinton are in fact one person. A few of the better ones are below in today’s Friday Afternoon Funnies, but check out the Tumblr for all of the awesome pics.

(if any of these images are yours / copyright, a) yell at the Tumblr maker and b) kindly contact us to take them down)

Pulling Our Hair Out
tilda stardust 0 (via

tilda stardust 0b (via

Shhhhhh – We’re the Same Person!
tilda stardust 8 (via

tilda stardust 9 (via

In Blue Suits
tilda stardust 14 (via

tilda stardust 14b (via

In Suits and Not Facing the Camera
tilda stardust 1 (via

tilda stardust 1b (via

Flame Red Hair
tilda stardust 4 (via

tilda stardust 4b (via

Driving Away
tilda stardust 10 (via

tilda stardust 10b (via

With Long Hair
tilda stardust 5 (via

tilda stardust 5b (via

In White Suits
tilda stardust 3 (via

tilda stardust 3b (via

With Circus Make Up
tilda stardust 13 (via

tilda stardust 13b (via

And as a bonus, a short video that shows how through very little video editing, David Bowie can morph into Tilda Swinton. They are definitely the same person.

(via Buzz Feed)

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