Listen! Twin Shadow – Five Seconds (plus new album announcement!)

Twin Shadow released a fantastic debut album in 2010, with Forget. Trying my best not to do a lame “Forget” segue, I’ll simply say that Twin Shadow has remembered to make another album, and has announced that they will release Confess on July 9 in the UK, July 10 in North America (via Pitchfork). Check out the tracklisting below for the George Lewis Jr. project as Twin Shadow, which actually lists the “hidden” track.

You can also listen to the first track, which is Five Seconds (again, trying my best not to make an easy ‘sexual stamina joke’). You can provide your email address and download the track, or just visit PeteHatesMusic everyday and listen to it here instead. Yup, still has that “synthy”, 80s-vibe and George’s trademark vocals.

Twin Shadow – Five Seconds

Tracklisting for Twin Shadow – Confess
1 Golden Light
2 You Call Me On
3 Five Seconds
4 Run My Heart
5 The One
6 Beg for the Night
7 Patient
8 When the Movie’s Over
9 I Don’t Care
10 Be Mine Tonight
Hidden track: Mirror in the Dark

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    i found some footage of a bunch of kids from the 1980s listening to this track at their prom :)

  1. 2012/06/19

    […] in May, PeteHatesMusic let you listen to the new track, Five Seconds, by Twin Shadow. In that post we also told you that song was off the upcoming new album, Confess, […]