Brewsees: Sunglasses That Open Beer Bottles

If you aren’t hip to having an iPhone case that can open beers for you AND keeps track of how many dozen you’ve killed yourself with, you might like another practical beer-opening solution. Introducing Brewsees (bonus points for the clever name!), which prevents your eyes from UV damage and your stomach from a lack of yummy beer (via Gizmodo). So you’ve gone for that long, sunny hike, and boy were you foolish to only bring bottles of beer and no snacks or water. But at least you have yummy beer. And no need to lug a heavy (?) bottle opener – just pop off your shades and then pop off those bottle caps. The shades will set you back $30, and don’t worry – they’re made with “6061 airplane grade anodized aluminum” (whatever the fuck that is), so your seemingly plastic shades won’t get wrecked – only you will.

brewsees beer shades (via

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