Morning Music Notes – This Post Is Not About Plump Female Singers That I Would Sleep With

Paul McCartney Protected By Over 1000 Police Officers in Colombia

Sir Paul McCartney was just in Bogota, Colombia as part of his On the Run World Tour. And he was guarded by a LOT of police officers – 1400 (via Telegraph). To put this number in perspective, this is the same amount of protection that 12,000 people had at the 2009 British Conservative party conference – but none of them were Beatles. But did any of these police officers meet up with hookers, like Obama’s Secret Service guys did?

Bogota is known for its high crime rate, and hasn’t had a star as big as Paul McCartney there. Can you say “ransom money”? Apparently the large detail wasn’t arranged by Macca but by concert promoters, who didn’t want “Had Paul McCartney killed” on their website.

Tweets Per Second Record Broken Tuesday Night – Hooray?

Tuesday night featured an epic Champions League football semi-final between defending champions and all around amazing Barcelona versus London club Chelsea. Chelsea staged an astonishing comeback and held on for dear life with only 10 men (after the idiot that is John Terry got a red card) and STILL managed to win. The end of the match saw 13,684 tweets per second, which broke the previous record of 12,233 tweets per second during this year’s Super Bowl (via Digital Trends). I guess we’ll see if Twitter explodes during this summer’s London Olympics (hopefully the only thing that explodes in London during the Olympics – make we should borrow 1400 cops from Colombia).

Police Can Subpoena Tweets Without Warrants – Be Careful, Kids!

On a related Twitter note, always be careful what you tweet. We previously mentioned a couple of UK guys denied entry into America for a misunderstood Twitter comment. A judge in New York has ruled that police can subpoena tweets from any Twitter account without a warrant (via Digital Trends). The judge said that a Twitter account is equivalent to bank records in terms of evidence. I have as much money with my Twitter account as I do in my bank account (hint: zero).

The case stems from an Occupy Wall Street protester who made some not-so-legal tweets. The defendant deleted all of these tweets, so now Twitter has to (legally) supply the tweets to the court. Will they rewteet them to the judge or email them? So a friendly reminder: be careful what you tweet – it’s around forever (like that Russian mail-order bride who just won’t get my hints).

Scratch This Blog Post Idea: Blog About Plump Singers Blogger Would Sleep With Draws Ire

This blog contains some personal thoughts (don’t tell them about your cat obsession) but mainly it’s just good music and music news. Now one blogger decided to write about “Eight Pleasantly Plump Female Musicians We’d Like to Get Down With” (via Fuse). Now, we all have a list like this, but we all don’t publish it, amiright?

The blogger in question is Ric Delgado from the New York Times – the New York Times! Adele made the grade, with the following write up: “Talent and kankles aside, Adele sits comfortably on that ‘just almost not ashamed to be seen out in public with her’ line”. Okay, the problem is? (*dodges shoes thrown by female readers).

Unsurprisingly, the article was taken down by the editor of the newspaper, who noted: “Sarcasm doesn’t always come across in writing, and it certainly didn’t in this post. I get why commenters below called this ‘the most insulting thing on the Internet,’ and that’s why it has been removed. New Times regrets the offense we’ve caused and hopes you’ll stick with us in our next attempt at sarcasm.”

I’m sure your next sarcastic post will be sooooooooooooooooooo much better (see – sarcasm done correctly!). Now bring on the plump gals!

Listen! Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp – You’re So Vain

I’ll be honest – I wasn’t excited about hearing this cover song, nor about I over the moon about the song itself now that I’ve heard it. That being said, fans of MM might dig it, so I’ll include it at the bottom of today’s post. What we have is a cover song of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain, which has been covered and “rocked up” so many times we almost think this is how it’s supposed to sound. The song is off of Marilyn “He’s Still Making Music?” Manson’s upcoming album, Born Villain. It’s not an official release, so listen (if you care to) while you still can.

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp – You’re So Vain

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