Morning Music Notes – I Don’t Know Who They Are, But I’ve Heard Good Things

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Wants to Join Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds?!

Here’s an interesting statement (rendering immediately boring by prefacing that it is interesting): Metallica’s anti-Napster drummer, Lars Ulrich, wants to drum in Noel Gallagher’s band (via Gigwise). Don’t forget, it wasn’t so long ago that Noel said that he liked everything about Metallica, “except their music.”

Lars said to NME: “I’m hard pressed to think of anyone I would rather drum with than Noel Gallagher. I have to say the fellow with the Clockwork Orange get up at the back is doing a stellar job, when I saw them in L.A in December it was fabulous. You know, if Noel and the other 37,000 drummers on this planet turn him down I’ll certainly play with him. I’m certainly not sure he’d ever want to pick me, but I’d put together a pretty solid groove thing back there. I’d make the songs bounce to the best of my ability. Although I’m not sure he’d take me quite seriously.”

Now, why say this? Fed up of Metallica? Do you really want to hang out with Noel and be the butt of all jokes? Actually, touring with Noel would be pretty awesome. Noel – I want to drum for you, too!

Terrible, terrible news for Hockey Fans: Nickelback to Headline NHL Awards in Las Vegas

The NHL Awards actually aren’t half bad compared to most awards shows and sports awards. Unlike basketball, which seems to randomly hand out awards during the post-season, or baseball, which announces things through the media, the NHL saves them all for one night, has the lads dressed up in suits and tuxes, and makes a decent night of it. However, the night is no longer worth looking forward to, as everyone’s favourite band, Nickelback, have been announced as the headliners at the NHL Awards show in Las Vegas in June (via Hollywood Reporter). It was bad enough that they played Nickelback during the Penguins-Flyers playoff game on NBC yesterday, since there is some partnership between the band and the NHL (or maybe NBC), but now on June 20, lucky sports fans will see them play on both CBC and NBC at the show. The hockey playoffs have been dogged with acts of violent misconduct and suspensions – pretty sure someone can take out Nickelback with a shoulder to the head, right? And if so, I’m pretty sure we’ll have someone like Drake waiting in the wings to perform.

Stream New Albums from Damon Albarn and from Santigold

Good old They seem to get their fair share of exclusive album streams. Well, here is some more web traffic for you, so return the favour in the future! Damon Albarn composed the soundtrack to the Dr. Dee opera, which is out on May 8. However, you can listen to it right meow at Also streaming over there is Santigold’s second album, coming out May 1, called Master of my Make Believe, which features Dispirate Youth and Big Mouth.

The Black Keys and John Fogerty Cover The Band at Coachella

Coachella Round 2 was this past weekend, and sometimes Date #2 isn’t as good as the initial excitement as Date #1. Tupac hologram? Seen that before! However, in between weeks 1 and 2, Levon Helm of The Band passed away. This led to a tribute by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney from the Black Keys, joined by John Fogerty for a cover of The Band’s song The Weight. The best thing about the video? The 2 girls talking about the song, and not knowing what it was!

Girl 1 screams
Girl 2: “Do you know this?”
Girl 1: “No but I’ve heard great things though!”

Yup, good music may die with future generations.

The Black Keys and John Fogerty – The Weight (Original: The Band)

(via Consequence of Sound)

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