New Build to Release Medication USB Stick, Complete with Exclusive Material and Remixes

New Build are a London-based offshoot of Hot Chip, who let the world know about them with their stunning first track, Do You Not Feel Loved? The band have just released a 12-track album called Yesterday Was Lived and Lost. One of the tracks is Medication, and it gets a special release of its own.

You can order the track, which is posted above, and you get a 2 GB USB stick which is shaped like a red and white pill. Who doesn’t like disguising their USB sticks? Cooler than that is that the USB key will also have new material, such as remixes, as well as the full original stems to the song Medication, so you can tinker with it at home. The 11-track special album is out April 21, and you can order it here for ₤12.99.

New Build Medication USB (via New Build)

For those who don’t yet have the album, you can stream the entire thing below. If you like it, you know what to do (hint: stalk New Build).

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