Gold! Jimmy Kimmel Asks Old People What They Think of Facebook Buying Instagram

Another day, another late night comedian talking about Facebook and Instagram. Can they go back to making jokes about OJ Simpson? I miss those days. Yesterday, we had Jon Stewart providing his take on it (as well as Google’s Project Glass), and now we have Jimmy Kimmel. However, Jimmy has hit comedy gold with his idea: go to a farmer’s market and ask people over the age of 70 their thoughts on the social media acquisition. Before we even get to the clip, Kimmel delivers the knock out line of “A billion dollars?! Unless they have some faded, washed out picture of Mark Zuckerberg killing a hooker, it doesn’t make sense!” Let’s be honest, pretty much every guy I know has a picture of another guy killing a hooker.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

(via Gizmodo)

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