Are You Drunk and In Need of Non-Alcoholic Fluids? Call Hangover Heaven and Get an IV Drip

Like most people over the age of 16 21, we like to have a few (too many) beers. Spending an entire Sunday on a couch with a hangover is a weekly occurrence. However, if we lived in Las Vegas, the city where any crazy idea is a hit, we might consider calling Hangover Heaven. This service will come to your Vegas hotel and stick an IV drip in you to nurse you back to health (via Crave). Doesn’t this sound extreme? Oh yeah, it’s Vegas!

The perhaps crazier thing? This is FDA approved (or so they say…), and is run by anesthesiologist Dr. Jason Burke. Hangover Heaven claims it can get you back out on the dance floor / prostitute’s bedroom / craps table in 45 minutes. The recovery involves “placing a small IV in your arm to give you the necessary treatment to continue the party or just get back to your normal self.” You have to decide what do you hate more (or is it less?) – hangovers or IV drips?

There are 3 packages available for you, and they cost a lot more than a bottle of (hangover-curing) Gatorade. There’s Redemption, Salvation and In-Room Treatment. In-Room Treatment will set you back $500, and then $375 for each additional drunk/hungover friend or random person you find in your hotel room. This sounds like the perfect product for those useless socialites who go party in Vegas.

Check out a video for the product below, and wonder if you’ll be living if you had 30 drinks like young Alex claims to have had.

Hangover Heaven Testimonial – Alex from Olicity on Vimeo.

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