Watch a Choose Your Own Adventure Video! Elsie – How to Handle a Sex Pest

For starters, the song title “How to Handle a Sex Pest”, isn’t going to send shivers down the Beatles’ spines with regard to threatening their Billboard records. However, the singer of the song, British pop singer Elsie, has come up with a novel idea – a Choose Your Own Adventure style music video. Using YouTube’s interactive video selection, you get to choose what happens next, with the remainder of the song loading based on your choice. Don’t get too stressed about your selections – it’s only a music video.

The premise of the video involves a guy who acts alarmingly like me at a club, drunkenly staggering up to singer Elsie, trying to get to know her (like all gentlemen do at clubs). Elsie doesn’t like the approach, and wants you to help her ward off this harmless man. If you want to fight the evils that are men who want to chat up young women, then watch the video for How to Handle a Sex Pest, and live out your defensive female fantasies below. I’m waiting for the male response video, where you get to choose how exactly you chat up and take home Elsie. Or the other video, where you teach Elsie not to dance like a total tool.

(via BuzzFeed)

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