Unrelated: Willie Nelson Covers Pearl Jam; Eddie Vedder Postpones Solo Tour Dates

It would be awesome if those 2 thoughts in the headline were related. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam is so appalled at Willie Nelson’s Pearl Jam cover that he decides to postpone his tour. In reality, there are 2 separate stories. Story the first: Willie Nelson has decided to cover Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe on his upcoming album, Heroes. You can listen to the cover over at Rolling Stone.

The second story deals with singer Eddie Vedder and his temporary nerve damage on his right arm. From PearlJam.com, “Eddie Vedder has announced the postponement of his 15-city U.S. solo tour today due to temporary nerve damage in his right arm, the result of a back injury sustained earlier this year.”

Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis explains, “After having worked aggressively with doctors and physical therapists for the last eight weeks to repair the damage, the intensity of the injury and time needed to heal has made it impossible to play the shows as scheduled. There was hope up until the last minute that the treatments would be successful. Sincerest apologies go out to those who have made plans and bought tickets. Eddie is frustrated beyond measure, but remains positive that come this summer all will be back in good form.”

The dates are now in October, November, and December, so check out PJ’s website for more info. However, Pearl Jam will still be one of the headlining acts at the Isle of Wight Festival from June 22-24. Who are you fooling, Eddie?!

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