Friday Afternoon Funnies: Tyler, the Creator Gets Punk’d

MTV’s Punk’d is back, but this time we don’t have Ashton “Steve Jobs” Kutcher yelling at us. The mean yet awesome celebrity-pranking show, Punk’d, had a new episode last night. The joke was orchestrated by Jackass alumnus and reality show star, Bam Margera. The target of the prank? Hip hop and record producer Tyler, The Creator, who is also in the hip hop collective OFWGKTA (which just rolls off the tongue). Why does he need a comma after Tyler? Pete, Hates Music wants to know!

The premise of the prank? Tyler, The Creator thinks he’s going to a Tony Hawk skateboarding fundraiser. Another Jackass star, Wee Man, is running a chip truck – a chip truck that MIGHT be rigged to explode. The full 20-minute episode is below, but if you don’t have 20 minutes in this busy world, Tyler, The Creator’s segment is first.

(via Pitchfork and via ddotomen)

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