Who Wouldn’t Want Their Favourite Google Map Turned into Wooden Art?

I love Google Maps. Love, love, love it. I love Streetview even more, as readers of this fine blog might have noticed recently. Now you can preserve your favourite segments of Google Maps forever (well, for a LONG time) with Woodcut Maps new service.

Google Map Area - Munster, Germany (via Woodcutmaps.com)

Pick a segment of Google Maps that looks pretty. Ideas include your home, a vacation spot, where you proposed (or are GOING to propose) to your girlfriend (you’re welcome for the brilliant idea), select your materials, and BAM, 2 weeks later, get the Google Maps artwork sent to you.

There are a bunch of different sizes, such as 8×8 inches, up to 16×20 inches. The company just launched, so there is a tasty 30% discount. Check out the website for more details on pricing and the process (via Gizmodo). By the way, that’s Chicago in the pic below.

Google Map Area - Chicago, USA (via Woodcutmaps.com)

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  1. 2012/05/01

    […] has an unhealthy obsession with tofu Google Maps and Google Streetview. From Google Maps Wooden Art, to Google Streetview in the Great Barrier Reef (amongst other places), if Google Maps does it, we […]