Watch! Isaac Simons – Call to Arms, a Video Made Using Mobile Game Draw Something

This weekend, I got invited to join and download the iPhone mobile app, Draw Something. The description basically outlined it as a Pictionary-esque game, and who doesn’t like Pictionary (hint: Satanists). In fact, the Draw Something makers, OMGPOP, were purchased by Zynga of FarmVille fame, and the app was both the top app and top free app on iTunes (via Hypebot).

Enter Isaac Simons, a singer and songwriter, and a man with an idea (I was once this man). He decided to get fans to contribute to his music video for Call to Arms, by using the Draw Something app. Basically, the lyrics of the song match the drawings done in Draw Something. The song is sort of catchy, and the video is smart in that it is likely the first out of the gates with this new idea. That, and it gets the fans involved, and will get you tons of press (hello, Exhibit A).

The video is sort of cool, until the blatant (and horribly acted) advertisement that the video turns into for the last 45 or so seconds. Can you guys edit that out – seriously, what the hell. If you like Draw Something, or want to know what the heck it looks like, check it out below.

Isaac Simons – Call to Arms

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