Check Out Kickstarter Project Galileo, A Charger and Rotating iPhone Holder

Having just taken a lengthy train ride across England, I could’ve used something other than a package of crisps to prop up my iPhone on the food tray to make my movie-viewing experience a little easier. This is where the Galileo Kickstarter initiative would’ve come in handy (via iPhone in Canada). Galileo is a robotic iPhone charging dock and holding device, which allows for 360 degrees of viewing fun.

Galileo iPhone holder (via Galileo on Kickstarter)

You control the orientation of the iPhone in the Galileo by using another iOS device, such as an iPad, another iPhone, or your iPod Touch. Now you can easily control the angles and positions of your iPhone when doing video sex chats, recording videos, or watching movies. Taking level panoramic videos and photos also just got easier, so plan that trip to the Grand Canyon today.

The good news for the Galileo is that it has passed it’s $100,000 Kickstarter goal, with $142,082 at the time of writing, and still with 24 days of fundraising to go. If you pledge $85, you get your very own device, which will retail at $129.95. Check out a video of the product in action.

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