A Flexible and Projecting “UFO” Phone

A pretty cool phone has been developed by Jeong Jaewan at Yanko Design. The UFO Phone, which stands for User Feeling Object (whatever that means), is like the Transformers – more than meets the eye. The phone features flexible and foldable LCD screens, which allows for widescreen display, but also a more powerful media device. Heck, the phone can be used as a projector!

ufo_phone2 (via Yanko Design)

The phone can stand on its own, and then project down onto a surface for a bigger screen. This would be cool when watching movies, perhaps on the tray table on a long plane ride. There’s also a virtual keyboard that shows up, as shown in the picture below. Who needs a TV or projector, when EVERYTHING is in one little phone? If it could cook me dinner, I wouldn’t need any friends! (ignore the fact that I currently have no friends)

ufo_phone3 (via Yanko Design)

(via Dvice)

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