iPhone Carabiner Clip Allows Your Phone to Be Hung

No, the “hung” in the headline does not mean the iPhone Carabiner Clip is some kind of weird penis product for your phone. It means that you can take your iPhone rock climbing…sort of. The iPhone Carabiner Clip from Poddities is simply a small carabiner extension at the bottom of your phone (via Technabob).

iPhone Carabiner Clip (via Poddities)

You can clip into anything – your backpack, your belt loop, your hoop earrings – anything (do I need to repeat myself?). There is a “classy” leather strap, as pictured above, making you look like less (more?) of a dork. The device screws into the bottom of the iPhone, where the phone charger is inserted. Screwdriver included!! Now you can hang your phone from all kinds of weird places and take unique pictures and videos (or new angles for the stalker in you). It will set you back $30 USD at Photojojo, but you can’t put a price on photo convenience (apparently you can).

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1 Response

  1. I can’t think of any occasions on where i would need to use this clip but this seems like a great idea. Thanks for sharing!