Radiohead to Bypass Scalpers with Fan to Fan Sales via Ticket Trust on UK Tour

Radiohead have yet to announce a UK tour, but they are already contemplating ways to fight the evils that are scalpers. Radiohead have teamed up with Ticket Trust to buy and sell tickets at face value to other fans in the UK (via At Ease). Ticket Trust is a relatively new service, set up last year to allow the reselling of tickets from fans to (presumably) other fans. You can buy and sell tickets at face value, and the buy bears a 10% handling fee for the transaction. All of this will be set up through Radiohead’s merch and ticket website, No details have been announced yet for any UK shows, which has me (terrible Radiohead joke alert) climbing up the walls. Why do writers think puns like this are creative again? Now let’s hope Radiohead announce a 30 day residency in London and that this Ticket Trust serves me well!

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