Apple’s FaceTime Video Chat Leads to Facelifts? What.the.hell?!

This sounds like something you’d see on the former TV show, Nip/Tuck. A plastic surgeon in Washington DC has started doing what he calls “the FaceTime Facelift”, FaceTime being the video chat available on several Apple devices. Apparently, because who chat see their double chins or unflattering angles (we’ve all been there) and they react to this not by going for a jog outside (or positioning the camera at a more flattering angle), but they are getting FACELIFTS!

“Patients come in with their iPhones and show me how they look on [Apple’s video calling application] FaceTime,” says Dr. Sigal. “The angle at which the phone is held, with the caller looking downward into the camera, really captures any heaviness, fullness and sagging of the face and neck. People say ‘I never knew I looked like that! I need to do something!’ I’ve started calling it the ‘FaceTime Facelift’ effect. And we’ve developed procedures to specifically address it.”

Isn’t this unethical? Watch a video of this “doctor” chatting about how he’s praying on people’s insecurities the procedure works.

(via Gizmodo)

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