Apple’s Siri Will Be Controlling the Mercedes A-Class

The documentary movie series, Terminator, is coming true – robots are controlling other machines. Humans are being left out in the cold, just biding our time until we serve as slaves to machines. Or maybe I am paranoid and should be excited that Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, will be fully integrated into the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class vehicles (via Gizmodo).

For those A-Class owners, which should be all of you if I’ve cultivated my audience correctly, can get the Drive Kit Plus app on their iPhones. You can then access things like Twitter and Facebook (“Tom is currently in his Mercedes, not looking at the road”) on the in-vehicle display. You can also control the Garmin GPS, which is slightly more practical than the Facebook and Twitter apps in a car. And for those of you, lost in a parking lot ala Seinfeld, there is a Car Finder app. Now if you lose your phone and your car, you deserve to be a robot slave.

The voice activated features of Siri will let access the calendar, change appointments (“stuck in traffic, bump my meeting”), read and “write” texts or emails, change radio channels (people still listen to the radio?), access music on your iPhone, or use the least popular function on iPhones – placing calls.

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