Listen! Da Chip – Volume 2

Do you know Da Chip? Think French dance rockers, Daft Punk, mixed with the 8 bit sounds of old video game systems like Nintendo. If there’s one thing that I remember about my childhood video game playing experience, it’s the cheesy yet amazing soundtracks to the video games. So how does it sound with a Daft Punk soundtrack? Judge for yourself, with the new Volume 2 release below. And if you like it, I’ve also included Volume 1, since I’m awesome. If you like it, you can head over to the Da Chip website to learn more about the artists and the project.

Da Chip – Volume 2

Da Chip – Volume 1

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2 Responses

  1. 2012/03/05

    […] making previous movie or music hits into good, olde classic Nintendo 8-bit sounds. Examples include Daft Punk, Breaking Bad, and Saved by the Bell. The latest band to get the treatment are Manchester legends, […]

  2. 2012/05/21

    […] 8-bit craze will not stop! We’ve heard tons of 8-bit re-creations, from Daft Punk to The Smiths. Heck, we even have 8-bit Pale Ale beers! The latest band to get the treatment are […]