Morning Music Notes – Another Finger Seen Around the World, Or At Least in Britain

95% of this post will be about the Brit Awards

Top stories in the UK this morning all centre around last night’s Brit Awards, celebrating the best in British music. Much like the Grammys, North London singer Adele cleaned up, winning awards in all the major categories she was nominated in. If you didn’t see it in our Twitter feed (which you can follow @PeteHatesMusic /end shameless plug), Adele had her final acceptance speech, for Album of the Year, cut off by TV producers so that they could allow Blur to perform their show ending run of songs. It was absolutely shocking to see, and fans were not happy. Hell, Adele was happy, and even flipped off the producers! You can see the surprising turn of events in the video below.

Brit Award Organizers Apologize to Adele

Coincidentally, a long winded pointless speech by Damon Albarn from Blur for Outstanding Contribution to Music meant that Adele had about 30 seconds to do her speech, before giving way to the band who ultimately delayed her.

Following the Brit Awards had finished, the show’s organisers said: “We regret this happened and we send our deepest apologies to Adele that her big moment was cut short due to the live show over running.”

I actually felt for host James Corden, who had the unfortunate task of interrupting the current queen of music. On the after party show, he seemed mortified. He said “I don’t understand what happened but I’m upset about it. Blur get to play for 11 minutes and she gets to say thank you once.”

Post-Grammy Sales Up for Adele

As if she needed more album sales, Grammy winner (and Brit winner / middle finger giver) Adele was #1 in America for her 21st week, and sold a whopping 730,000 albums last week (via Billboard). The album has been out for a year, but still sold 207% more than it did previously, and it was also the best selling week for the album during its entire release period. This once again proves my point that I am amazing the Grammys are only around to sell records. Adele has now moved into 7th place all-time for longest period at #1 on Billboard, joining esteemed company in MC Hammer! MC Hammer also had 21 weeks at the top, with his critically acclaimed album, Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em. His album title is clearly in reference to bankruptcy lawyers.

Non-Brit News! We Might Get iPads in New York City Taxis

For those who feel they put their lives in their hands every time they get into a cab in New York City, now you might be able to put an iPad in your hands too. Man, I was reaching for it in that last sentence – terrible stuff. Anyway, the company Square wants iPads in the back of taxi cabs, so that passengers can pay by credit card through them, as well as use them during their ride (via Slash Gear). Square’s James Dorsey (founder of the restaurant Dorsia?) wants the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission to make Square the primary method of credit card payments in cabs. And instead of making awkward conversation with the cab driver, you can play Angry Birds, or do “useful” things like check out reviews of the restaurant you’re headed to, or stream the songs of the band you are going to see.

Sorry, Back to the Brits – Full List of Brit Winners

I guess you might want to know who won what at the Brit Awards. See a bullet point summary below (sans bullets):

Best Female Solo Artist – Adele
Best Male Solo ArtistRon Weasley Lookalike Ed Sheeran
British Breakthrough Act – Ed Sheeran
British Group – Coldplay
British Single – One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful (TERRIBLE SONG)
British Album of the Year – Adele
International Male Solo Artist – Bruno Mars
International Female Solo Artist – Rihanna
International Breakthrough Act – Lana Del Rey
International Group – Foo Fighters
Outstanding Contribution to Music – Blur

Watch! Blur at the Brits

Blur took the stage to close out the Brits, having earlier received the Brit for Outstanding Contribution to Music. The band played Girls and Boys, Song 2, Parklife, This is a Low, and Tender (with giant choir). Damon’s voice sounded a little off during the (bizarre) ending to Girls and Boys, as well as during the Woo Hoos to Song 2. Twitter was split on whether they were doing a brilliant set or just making punky noise. See what I mean in the video below for Girls and Boys / Song 2. Is it too late for Gorillaz to reform? Reminder: New Gorillaz song tomorrow (with Andre 3000 and James Murphy)!

Blur – Girls and Boys / Song 2 (at the Brits 2012)

Watch! Rihanna – We Found Love

I must admit, I’m not a huge Rihanna fan. I don’t mind her voice, I love her collaboration with Coldplay (guilty pleasure), but she doesn’t do it for me. However, at last night’s Brits, she definitely had the best performance of the night. It was the most high energy, and featured a highly creative stage show, with sealed in see-through boxes in which paint fights were occurring, along side dancing. How fun would that be to do on stage every night? Your skin and hair would be forever ruined, but you’d get a paint party every night! Check out the song We Found Love below.

Rihanna – We Found Love (at the Brits 2012)

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