Foo Fighters and Deadmau5 to Join Forces at the Grammys

The Grammys are all about a) increasing album sales and b) television audience. Don’t kid yourself to thinking the actual awards amount to any critical or musical merit – they don’t. The Grammys are also about “show stopping” duets. Anyone remember the Gorillaz performing with Madonna? Fucking brutal – Damon, how could you let this happen? How about Elton John and Eminem? Bon Iver slammed the Grammys (despite being nominated) and have turned down the performance invite.

This year, we get an electronica segment that will feature Foo Fighters, Deadmau5, Lil Wayne, woman beater Chris Brown, and David Guetta, all performing in a tent for 1000 fans (via Consequence of Sound). The Foo Fighters will be playing with Deadmau5 for a live remix of the Foo Fighters song Rope. Please.Don’t.Suck. You can listen to the studio remix of Rope by Deadmau5 to prepare yourself for the show.

Foo Fighters – Rope (Deadmau5 Remix)
[youtube 8qnwtiC239g]

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