When Scots Try to Use Siri on the iPhone

I recently went to Scotland for the first time last summer. I was in a pub, with many, many Scots drunk out of their mind. Some of them chatted to me when I was ordering drinks. The percentage of words that I understood was in the ballpark of around 1% (and I rounded up from 0%).

Sure, Scots get a bad rap for their thick accents, and granted, some of it is exaggerated and unfair (about 1%, rounded up from 0%). But what happens when you take a typical Scotsman, and give him the (supposed) uber-intelligent voice recognition software / virtual assistant that is Siri, and have her execute his questions and demands? Well, you get a computer that understands in the ballpark of 1% of what he is saying. Of course, lingo native to the Brit Isles, like chip butties and jammy dodger, doesn’t help matters. Watch the parody below.

[youtube SGxKhUuZ0Rc]

(via Cnet)

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