Morning Music Notes – Stop Waving Flags, Mitt Romney

K’Naan Wants Mitt Romney to Stop Using His Song

Every time I hear Waving Flag by Canadian/Somalian rapper, K’Naan, I want a Coke – bloody marketing campaign! K’Naan still loves “his” song (that he sold), so much so that he wants American presidential candidate, “Catcher’s” Mitt Romney, to stop using it at his campaign events (via MTV). If you recall, a similar uproar occurred in France, when the French president used MGMT’s Kids at a party conference and during some online videos. K’Naan has stated, “I have not been asked for permission by Mitt Romney’s campaign for the use of my song,” the Somalian/Canadian rapper said in a statement to MTV News. “If I had been asked, I would certainly not have granted it. I would happily grant the Obama campaign use of my song without prejudice.”

Ouch! Obama gets all the good songs – he used The National’s Fake Empire during his run up to the 2008 campaign, and also had Mr. November shirts (also a song by The National) used with his image.

Was the Amy Winehouse Autopsy Illegal?

Amy Winehouse and controversy go together like Amy Winehouse and alcohol abuse (too soon?). So it is of little surprise to learn there is more controversy surrounding her death. Apparently, the coroner at Amy’s inquest was not fully qualified, and the Winehouse family are seeking legal advice on how to handle this matter (via Gigwise). The coroner in question is Suzanne Greenaway, who should’ve been a solicitor in the Law Society for a minimum of five years, but had only been there two and a half years. Maybe she uses a 6-month calendar and thought it was legit? This would mean that the inquest into Amy Winehouse’s death would actually be illegal. So what does that mean? Amy is not legally dead, naturally. Sadly for the Winehouse family, it means re-opening old wounds and perhaps revisiting her death verdict.

Soul Train host Don Cornelius Has Died, Apparent Suicide

Musicians have paid tribute to the recent (and apparent suicide) death to Soul Train host, Don Cornelius (via Rolling Stone). Soul Train was a long running TV show that showcased R&B and Soul songs. Highlights of the Twitter tributes include:

Talib Kweli – RIP the legend Don Cornelius. Soul Train was a huge part of my saturday mornings growing up.

Snoop Dogg – RIP Don Cornelius. LOVE PEACE AND SOOOOUUULLLL 4eva

Flea – ahhhh don cornelius, i loved that guy, so much great music i saw through him R.I.P. bless his soul

Billy Corgan – Sad to hear about the passing of Don Cornelius of Soul Train fame. Grateful to him that he turned me on to so much great music.

Make Your Ears Happy! Daniel Rossen – Silent Song

Daniel Rossen from Grizzly Bear is doing a side project thing, and we’ve posted one of his tracks previously, Saint Nothing. His album is out this spring, and will be called Silent Hour/Golden Mile. You can now hear a second song, called Silent Song. A simple name, for a simple song (with a great musical introduction that immediately draws you into the track). Make your ears happy and give it a listen below.

Daniel Rossen – Silent Song
[youtube PJ5C8qYlavE]

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