Who Wants to Try This? Blasting Your Testicles with Sound MIGHT Work as a Conceptive

If we have been successful in cultivating our audience readership for this website, you should be very sexually active – perhaps even right now as you read this. According to a new (possibly outlandish) study, ultrasonic blasts might lower your sperm count enough to make you temporarily infertile (via Dvice). So sit back, put your balls against the speaker, and let Metallica stop you from having kids (probably not the first time they’ve done that).

“According to a study on rats published in Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, if you fire ultrasonic sound waves at a man’s fertile crescent the sound pressure will “significantly reduce” the number of sperm as well as the cells that produce sperm. Two 15-minute doses of ultrasound (administered two days apart and in warm salt water) were enough to drop the sperm count of rats to under 10 million sperm per milliliter.”

Ha – fertile crescent.

10 million sperm per milliliter is still enough to get your lady friend pregnant – you only need one – so maybe get your testes away from the speakers and strap on some protection.

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