Make Your Ears Happy: Ticktockman – The Architect

With the demise of The Mars Volta (and reformation of At The Drive-In), your experimental rock collection may start to dry up. PeteHatesMusic has a new band that should fill the void – Ticktockman. They released their debut EP, Periscope, in February 2010, and 2 years later are returning with their debut, self-titled album (that’s also called Ticktockman, for those readers having difficulty following along). The album is out on Valentine’s Day, and unless your girlfriend is super cool, this album won’t necessary put you in the mood for love – although the hyper songs and various time signatures in the songs might just be what your romance is lacking.

Make your ears happy and listen to the Architect, and while you are happy, check out Ticktockman on Facebook.

Ticktockman – The Architect
The Architect by Ticktockman

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  1. 2012/02/08

    […] you listened to the Ticktockman song we posted last month, called The Architect. If you didn’t, now is your chance to redeem yourself. Ticktockman have […]