MySpace Has More Unique Visitors Than Google+ and Tumblr

MySpace has been dead and buried in the minds of many people for many years. However, last year, Justin Timberlake purchased a small stake in it, and executives vow to focus on the music and revive it. Thankfully, JT chose to revive MySpace and not N’Sync. The last ComScore stats show that MySpace actually has more unique visitors than popular social media sites, Google+ and Tumblr (at least in the US) (via Hypebot).

ComScore stats show the following U.S. Unique Visitors (in 000s):

Facebook: 166,067
Twitter: 35,447
LinkedIn: 34,991
MySpace: 24,969
Tumblr: 15,872
Google+: 15,229

Rumours of MySpace’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Give it time and we’ll see where the visits stand in the next year.

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