Behind the Scenes: Jay-Z and Kanye West Tour

This morning’s Morning Music Notes noted (holy repeating words in this sentence!) that Jay-Z and Kanye West performed Niggas in Paris a whopping 11 times in a row at their gig in Vancouver. Either they really love it, they think the fans really love it, or they think they get royalties for performing their own songs live.

Interested in what life is like on the tour? Well, VOYR have been filming and are releasing episodes to the internet for all to see (and perhaps be jealous). There are five episodes to date, and you can check them out after clicking the link.

Episode 1
[youtube 9K-1h7DJ6kM]

Episode 2
[youtube mNWVYYXT8Ck]

Episode 3
[youtube E5fJ7E9Bzvg]

Episode 4
[youtube WqGwyHCwuq0]

Episode 5
[youtube LbEwsFc05vo]

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