Jon Bon Jovi in an Advil Commercial?!

Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t make the loud, rocking kind of music that drives me to reach for an Advil – it’s usually the Off button I’m looking for. However, Bon Jovi has been selected to star in an Advil commercial, which is ironic since his music is often pain inducing. Oh, the jokes are endless. Rather than have me describe it, give it a watch below.

[youtube Q2HbgLknbVs]

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4 Responses

  1. L. Creed says:

    I like the commercial and I LOVE Jon Bon Jovi. He is a REAL man with a successful music career, a successful marriage, and a generous heart. I have been a concert-goer since I was a child (my parents loved Alabama, Willie Nelson, Barbara Mandrel, etc.) and I have been to many, many concerts during my life, from Blue Grass to Heavy Metal. NO ONE puts on a better concert than Bon Jovi . . . NO ONE. He often plays for three and a half to four hours and is in constant motion the ENTIRE time. Guys half his age can’t keep up with him! I saw the band on their Lost Highway tour and Jon came out after the regular set, by himself, and did a FIVE song encore. At The Circle concert, he did a FOUR song encore. This man puts A LOT into his shows (and I don’t mean some gimmicky crap like a bunch of background dancers or some stupid swinging trapeze act). So, do I think he is a good person to talk about dealing with pain? Absolutely! My personal opinion is that people who disrespect Jon Bon Jovi either don’t know a thing about his quarter century career OR are the type of person who likes to see musicians who are drug-addicted, broken-hearted, worn-out, 3X divorced losers who write from the “pain.”

  2. Pete! says:

    Bon Jovi’s manager couldn’t have written it better themselves. Wait – are you Bon Jovi’s manager?!

  3. L. Creed says:

    Of course I’m not his manager . . . but, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Seriously, I am just a long-time fan of Bon Jovi and a life-long lover of music and singer/songwriters regardless of the genre.

  4. Pete! says:

    I was just kidding about the manager – this site is built on sarcasm ;)

    Anyone who defends a musician to the death is cool in my books. If it’s singer/songwriters you like, you might want to check out:

    City & Colour – What Makes a Man:
    [youtube VNmLDubIFYU]

    Benjamin Francis Leftwich (name sounds fake!) – Pictures:
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    Laura Marling – Ghosts
    [youtube I-vbyIkkHiQ]

    Let us know what you think!