The Jimi Hendrix Park Experience

Guitarist Jimi Hendrix will have a park in Seattle named after him to celebrate what would’ve been his 70th birthday. I’m sure Jimi would’ve loved to have had a cake and, you know, BE ALIVE, but I’m sure he will settle for a park (via Rolling Stone).

“Jimi Hendrix Park, which will be located in the city’s Central District, was revealed last week at a public meeting at the Northwest African American Museum. The 2.5-acre park will include stepping stones featuring his lyrics, rain drums, a sculpted butterfly garden, a performance area, a sound garden and ample green space.”

To pay tribute to Hendrix, it is recommended that fans go to the park and do copious amounts of drugs (note: don’t do drugs).

Jimi Hendrix Park (Courtesy Jimi Hendrix Park Foundation)

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