Surprise! Black Sabbath to Reunite and Release New Album

The only sure things in life are death and taxes. Personally, I can only confirm the taxes part, but even those can be evaded (note: I do not evade taxes….most of the time). In rock n roll, the only sure thing is that if a band splits up, no amount of money will keep them apart forever. One by one, groups that have said they hate each and will never ever share a room with one another are more often than not sharing a stage with each other on some hastily put together tour. Nostalgia is a big draw for the fans, while money and a change at staying relevant are some of the reasons that bands come back together.

Large introductory ramblings aside, Black Sabbath have stated that they are reuniting for both a tour AND a new album (via Guardian).

“In a much-hyped appearance at Hollywood’s Whisky A Go Go club on Friday night, the band’s original line-up told an ecstatic gathering of fans they would be bringing out their first new studio album in 33 years in 2012. As well as the record, to be produced by Rick Rubin, the band will also be embarking on a worldwide tour after headlining Download Festival in their native Midlands next year.”

“Ozzy Osbourne joined fellow sexagenarians Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward at the venue where the band made their Los Angeles debut in 1970, to address a large, black t-shirt-clad crowd.”

So I guess the 11-11-11 picture on their website DID mean something.

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