Apple Halting aMusic and gMusic iPhone Apps?

Hot on the heels of the PeteHatesMusic interview with James Clancey, the developer behind Interactive Innovative Solutions LLC (“IIS”), comes news that the aMusic app is no longer available in the iTunes store (via Hypebot). The aMusic and gMusic apps were created by IIS to allow you to use the Amazon Cloud and the Google Music services on your iPhone.

Here’s the full statement from James Clancey to about the state of his company’s aMusic and gMusic apps:

“There are some legal issues with the music industry. The aMusic [app] is down temporarily. It will be back. Unfortunately I do not have a specific date when it will be back. Also, Apple has been delaying my gMusic update. I submitted it 2 weeks ago. Every other update I have submitted within the 2 weeks has been approved in under 8 hours. So not sure what the deal is.”

Well, PHM did think that it was a little odd that Apple would allow apps on the iPhone that were direct competitors to their iCloud service. Why pay for extra storage on the iCloud when I could spread my music out across as many apps as possible and minimize my payment? You can’t take away my gMusic Apple, I use it too much! Fingers crossed.

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