Today’s Google Pumpkin Logo

Have you been to Google yet today? I needed to look for “upset stomach” and “Is cat food poisonous to humans?”, so I saw their logo for Halloween. On certain holidays and occasions, Google changes their famous logo to quirky images related to the occasion. Today, the logo is not just a logo, it’s a video (ooohh, aaahhh). And not just any video, a video featuring gigantic pumpkins!

If you are too lazy to go to Google and just love staying on this website (note: this applies to you), then check out the video below.

[youtube FPAa7BqgSbw]

Perhaps if you’re thinking of starting up your own search engine with quirky logos, and if you want to try this at home, check out the Behind the Scenes video below. How do I get a job at Google again?

[youtube yjG0rmOIngE]

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  1. Hero says:

    Dr. Dre is the best rapper alive! PERIOD! lol