Morning Music Notes – Scott Weiland Still Likes Snow

Need a Halloween Idea? Don’t Pick Nicki Minaj

So Halloween is on Monday, meaning the par-tays are this weekend. What are you going as? If you’re still out of a costume, and looking to go as a musician, perhaps do not go as Nicki Minaj. While she would make for a wicked costume, it turns out Nicki Minaj is the most searched Halloween costume (via MTV). Behind Boy George?! I demand a recount.

“Minaj bested the likes of Charlie Sheen, Captain America, Smurfette (Katy Perry’s gonna be pissed!) and, oddly enough, Wilfred, the titular star of F/X’s oddball comedy, on the list. Overall, she ranks fourth on the list of most-searched Halloween costumes, trailing only “Angry Birds,” “Black Swan” and “Playboy Bunny.”

If you are seriously contemplating going as Nicki, you are unoriginal check out some ways to dress up as her.

Scott Weiland Does a Christmas Cover Album – Listen to a Track

What.the.fuck. Don’t let anyone tell you drugs will not affect your brain. Scott Weiland, of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fame, is recording a Christmas album (via Rolling Stone). The man with a wicked grunge voice and singer of 2 popular bands, has gone the Christmas cover album route. This is not exactly new news (the album came out this week), but his reasons why, and a first listen, are new.

“I’ve been listening to these songs my entire life,” he tells Rolling Stone. “It was a great honor to do this album. I’ve never recorded something commercially before where I’m crooning,” he says. “But if you listen to my solo albums it shows that there is such a major difference in the music that influences me and the way that I use my voice. I look at my voice as an instrument. My two favorite singers, John Lennon and David Bowie, had very different voices that they used depending on the vibe of the song.”

“Some of the tracks stick to familiar arrangement, while others are more daring. “We wanted to do a reggae-ish version of ‘Silent Night,'” says Weiland. “And there’s a sort of swigging version of ‘What Child Is This?’ and we have a bossa nova, Sixties kitschy version of one of the songs. It all worked out quite amazing.”

Actually, it doesn’t really sound like Weiland, because of the crooning. Give Winter Wonderland a listen here.

The Rihanna Lovefest Continues

Coldplay’s new album, Mylo Xyloto, has a radio-friendly (yet still pretty rad) collabration with Rihanna, called Princess of China. It appears Coldplay have grown to like Rihanna and have even moved to stalking her covering her songs. Rihanna’s song, We Found Love, gets the Rihanna treatment during their recent stop at BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Check out both the cover and the original below.

Coldplay – We Found Love (cover)
[youtube e7WOZ5g3N54/]

Rihanna – We Found Love
[youtube GchEVSx9XEA]

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