Stream: Damien Rice Covers U2’s One

I will admit that I just plain don’t like some cover songs. Take the Beatles. Best band ever – fact. How do you cover any song from their collection and make it better? Yes, I realize that isn’t necessarily the point. It’s about different renditions, the juxtaposition of the artist’s voice versus the original, etc etc etc. 99% of Beatles covers have made me wish I did not hear them.

So now we are at U2’s (horribly named) Achtung Baby cover album, AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered. I am not comparing U2 to the Beatles – God no. But I really have a thing for the song One. The sucker artist given the task of covering One falls to Damien Rice. And wouldn’t you know it, he does a pretty good version. He slows it right down in true Damien Rice style, and delivers the vocals with true Damien Rice vulnerability. Give it a listen below.

Damien Rice – One (original: U2)
One by u2mexico

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