Morning Music Notes – 1996 El Camino Anyone?

The Black Keys Announce New Album

Time for the world to rejoice and hold hands. World peace has not been solved, but something ranking near that level of excitement has been announced. Akron Ohio’s The Black Keys are releasing their new album, El Camino, on December 6. Can you say stocking stuffer? Neither can I – who wants to wait 3 weeks?!

The announcement was done via a YouTube spoof video of an El Camino ad, featuring Bob Odenkirk, who currently stars as a sleazy lawyer on Breaking Bad. In the YouTube video, he stars as a sleazy car salesman. Methinks he is not acting. At the end of the commercial, the release date of El Camino is given. You can check out more of this El Camino themed promotion on their website, There is a phone number listed, but presently, it is outside my free minutes calling period and if you call it, you can hear a message from the Black Keys. Apparently you do not win any prizing for calling 10+ times. Oh well.

The album is produced by Danger Mouse, who produced arguably the best Black Keys album, Attack and Release. As noted in July on PHM:

“It’s the fastest we’ve ever played,” singer-guitarist Dan Auerbach says of the LP’s new songs, which he says were inspired by the Clash, the Cramps, and old rock’n’roll, rockabilly, and garage rock records. “The new album doesn’t sound like Brothers. It doesn’t have that open soul feel to it. It’s way more driving and the tempos are really fast.”

The Black Keys – El Camino ad
[youtube b_Q9fskIosM]

Former Weezer Bassist Mikey Welsh Dies

Sad news over the weekend, as former Weezer bassist, Mikey Welsh, has gone off to an Island in the Sun (heaven, anyone?) and passed away (via Stereogum). Welsh played on the Green Island and the following tour, before leaving in 2001. He was found dead in his hotel room in Chicago this weekend, with rumours of a drug-related death. Welsh had posted a (now-removed) tweet that read “dreamt i died in chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). need to write my will today” on September 26, a few weeks before his death. Welsh had previously attempted suicide.

Weezer – Island in the Sun
[youtube 0C3zgYW_FAM]

Make Your Ears Happy: Two New Justice songs

Just a few more weeks, and we’ll have Noel Gallagher’s new album, Coldplay’s new album, and let’s not forget, Justice’s new album. We’ve already heard a few tracks from the upcoming Justice disc, Audio, Video, Disco. Now you can listen to two more: Canon, and Newlands. Will it reach the heights of the first album? Judge for yourself – I ain’t tellin’ you want to think.

Justice – Canon
Justice – Canon by oiki_oiki

Justice – Newlands
Justice – Newlands by oiki_oiki

Documentary on Phoenix’s Breakthrough

Remember the days when you could not turn on the radio (and eventually TV) without hearing a Phoenix song? In case you’ve forgotten, Phoenix doesn’t want you to forget. A 52-minute documentary about Phoenix, entitled From A Mess to the Masses, will premiere in France and Germany on October 13 (thanks for the 2 days notice!) (via Billboard).

The film was directed by Antoine Wagner, who also helmed Phoenix’s Lisztomania video. My theory is the documentary is just the Lisztomania video on loop – the director is lazy. But maybe not, judging by the trailer below.

Phoenix – From a Mess to the Masses

From a Mess to the Masses – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix from Voluume on Vimeo.

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