Broken Social Scene on Hiatus – Forever?

Canadian Indie rockers, with membership often swelling into double digits, Broken Social Scene are on an indefinite hiatus (via Spinner). Indefinite could likely mean forever, but in the recent case of fellow Canadian band Godspeed You Black Emperor, it did not.

Lead singer Kevin Drew: “There’s no bad blood, no problems, everyone is at peace. We’ve had a lot of inter-relationships, some have worked, some haven’t. But we all loved what we were doing. And I think we were always fair.”

The logistics of having a revolving door of band members, many of whom have their own successive side/main projects (Metric, Stars, Feist, etc), was getting to be impossible, so like all good things, it was due to come to an end indefinite hiatus.

We leave with you the classic Broken Social Scene tune, Cause=Time.

Broken Social Scene – Cause=Time
[youtube 2SBmlmRagxU]

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