Morning Music Notes – Surprise! Acrade Fire Win Polaris Prize

2011 Polaris Prize Goes to….(drum roll)….Arcade Fire

When there are awards given out, there are generally favourites, close seconds, dark horses, and underdogs. Although awards can generally be won by people out of left field, deep down I think everyone knew that the 2011 Polaris Prize would go to Arcade Fire, the winner of multiple Grammys. So again, the winner of the Canadian music prize, the Polaris Prize, goes to the album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. The gang gets a newly increased prize winning pot of $30,000, up from $20,000 for past winners. Other nominees included Austra, Braids, Timber Timbre, and Hey Rosetta!.

The Return of the Raconteurs

Jack White’s second of 18 bands, The Raconteurs, have returned after a three year layoff. You probably didn’t notice because Jack White was busy making music every second of every day with other artists. The Raconteurs played a 90-minute set at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan (via Billboard).

“The Raconteurs will drift apart again until returning to action for the Voodoo Experience festival on Oct. 30 in New Orleans, the first Orlando Calling festival on Nov. 12 in Florida and the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Nov. 13. Bassist Jack Lawrence previously told that recording plans are uncertain.”

Get This Motherf**king Band Off the Motherf**king Plane!

Kasabian’s new album dropped yesterday in Europe and today in North America. Instead of getting jealous of Europe’s advanced release dates, you can get jealous of how Kasabian played a surprise gig. They invited contest winners to what they thought was a listening party at a secret venue. It turns out they went to an airport, and saw a cool Kasabian plane. But on this plane was no listening party – there were snakes! Kasabian was there to play a gig. Cool stuff. Check out the footage below.

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