U2 Won’t Have a New Album for Awhile

U2 released what I think is a mediocre album, No Line on the Horizon, back in February 2009. The band had stated that they hope to release a 2nd album by the end of the year, sort of a b-sides collection, a Zooropa to Achtung Baby. It was then delayed until June 2010. Last October, it was noted that Danger Mouse was helping out on the album; the Danger Mouse who turns everything he touches to gold. December 2010 rolled by, and then will.i.am was apparently helping out with the album, giving it a club music feel. At the beginning of this year, no album came.

Fans received a special package earlier this year, but no proper studio album has seen the light of day. On this news, we must report that Bono has stated that U2 is going away for a little while (via Gigwise).

“Speaking at the GQ Awards, Bono told Metro: ”They say every tour is ten days too long. Not with this one. We genuinely loved every single night and at the end we were so sad.”

Whilst collecting their award for Best Band, Bono told the audience: ‘Growing up is not what is meant to happen to a rock band. It has happened, we are now men.’”

Check out the video below that combines two great things: 1990s U2 and Batman!

[youtube n8FAO2-cHaE]

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