Morning Music Notes – Guest Editor Edition

PHM gets taken over by rank amateur
Pete is on some sort of Euro-Trip-meets-Weekend-at-Bernie’s vacation and the Morning Music Notes are being done by some person named “rich”. I don’t think it’ll work, personally, but time will tell.

Arctic Monkeys Will Not Return to Studio until 2013
Alex Turner told The Sun It’s hard to do the old chip shop rock’n’roll. After you’ve done it once, you don’t sort of hang around that many chippies any more. I think it’s natural, I couldn’t ever write about my surroundings in the same way as I did back then.
This sucks. Arctic Monkeys are one of the most consistently excellent guitar bands still making new music. Unless this decision was followed up with “…because we’re going to be constantly touring Canada!” (note: it wasn’t), this is disappointing for new music lovers, but a necessary evil for their career, I guess…

Blackberry Launches BBM Music

Am I the only one who totally missed this yesterday? RIM made themselves officially LAST in offering a cloud-based music service behind Google, Amazon, Apple,etc.. The deal is that you can choose up to 50 songs from a pre-selected library, stocked by the big 4 labels  (Universal, Sony, EMI, Warner), half of which you are allowed to swap each subsequent month Рfor $5 per month. Are there Social Media buzz-word features built in? You betcha!

China Bans Pop Downloads

China’s ministry of meddling has banned downloading of Katy Perry, the Backstreet Boys,¬† Lady Gaga, and 100 other of the most downloaded music in that country. They are doing this to prevent their national cultural security.
China can’t control the internet hipsters, lineup to the left. The mass-marketed music machine is killing culture hipsters, to the right.
The Telegraph

Jon Stewart to Interview Nirvana

Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Butch Vig will all be in a studio somewhere with Jon Stewart on September 24 for a special broadcast to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Nevermind (editor’s note: never heard of it.)
Should be a good listen.
In much more interesting Nirvana news, rocksteady legend Little Roy has released an album called Battle for Seattle, which is an album of Nirvana covers. The idea of a reggae cover album of Nirvana classics is terrible. I want to hate this, but I can’t. It’s… actually… really… good! Let me know what you think over on the Facebook Page.

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