Morning Music Notes – When Cyber Squatting Becomes Uncool

Cyber Squatters Ruin Amy Winehouse’s Charity

Sure, stealing a celebrity’s name or website is a way to make a quick buck or force the celebrity to use some obscure, undesirable URL or Twitter handle instead. But when you steal a recently deceased celebrity’s proposed charity website, can you really sleep all that well at night?

Amy Winehouse’s father has been forced to turn away donations for his proposed charity organization in his late daughter’s name after someone has has claimed the Amy Winehouse Foundation as an Internet domain name (via Rolling Stone).

Now, Mitch Winehouse is forced to turn away cheques made out to that name, since he doesn’t have a bank account with that name. Surely there must be some way around this? Mitch is currently seeking a legal injunction.

In other Amy Winehouse news, a snippet of audio of her duet with Tony Bennett has surfaced. The track, which is a cover of Body And Soul, is due to be released on September 20. The proceeds are going to charity – unless some cyber squatters ruin that, too.

[youtube RR0vhRDpckQ]

Kill an Hour With Noel Gallagher

In case you missed Noel Gallagher’s webchat yesterday (and who would’ve been foolish enough to do that?!), you can relive the full hour video down below. Via Gigwise, some highlights include:

”Yes there is truth in that story that Liam is suing me,ā€ he said. For the record it is a fact that he was diagnosed with Laryngitis and it is a fact that he had a doctors note to prove it. Iā€™d just like to say that if he gets offended by my opinions on such things then I apologise. It’s all getting a little silly and out of hand and it’s not very cool.”

Getting sued by your brother for accusing you of being hungover IS getting a little out of hand. That usually leads to fisticuffs, not lawsuits. You can watch Noel’s comments about Liam in the video below ā€“ they start at 19.54.

[youtube GYaSJSPqtHw]

Why Yes, I Do Need a 24-Karat Gold CD

With the availability of quick, easy digital audio files, those often win out over trucking it to a store and picking up a CD. But when I do buy CDs, I do not often think I need something fancy, like, say, a 24-karat gold CD! I suppose there’s a market for almost anything in this weird world we live in. The company that makes these gold CDs is Audio Fidelity, and the latest releases are James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James (1970) and Heart’s Greatest Hits (1998) (via Digital Music News). These are numbered, limited edition releases that will be available starting Tuesday (and part of a much larger collection). Let’s just hope Wolverine stays away for your CD collection (as he likes James Taylor, not because he might scratch them).

james taylor gold (via Digital Music News)

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