No tickets? No problem!

Have you ever showed up at a concert and forgotten your tickets? No?! Well, neither have I……

Recently, certain concerts and events have enabled you to purchase a ticket via your mobile phone, and show this eTicket from your phone. Sounds too high tech for me! Well, a recent concert has taken this idea a step further, and held a ticketless concert, featuring the dance duo LMFAO and rapper/producer Swizz Beatz (who produces on the Watch the Throne album). Via Yahoo:

“The Billboard Summer Blowout party was billed as the first event for which every ticket distributed was done via mobile phones. Joshua Dziabiak, founder of ShowClix, the company behind the service, said the new MMS ticketing system was the first of its kind to be used in the United States and hopes the system will revolutionize the way ticketing works.

“It’s the ability to have your event tickets delivered to your mobile device without having to print anything out,” he said before Thursday’s free concert. “It’s a lot easier for patrons to remember their tickets.”

“ShowClix has been making mobile ticketing available for concerts for the past three years. When someone buys tickets for an event, instead of getting paper tickets, the purchaser has it sent to their mobile phone via a text message. Once they turn up to the venue and show their phone, another device is used to scan it.

“The ecological benefits of the system are a big draw for brands looking to be more eco-friendly. In addition, without having to print paper tickets, the cost to the promoter is less, said Dziabiak, adding that the marketing potential is also endless.”

So it’s win-win-win, for the band, the crowd, and the environment, right? Wrong – what if you don’t have a phone. Just kidding, who DOESN’T have a phone. Wait, what if you lose your phone?! Wait, what about scalpers? Maybe they can emerge into a new business venture, selling phones complete with concert tickets. Amiright??

If you are digging what Swizz Beatz and Jay-Z (and that Kanye West character) did on the Throne, check out another Jay-Z / Swizz Beatz collaboration, On to the Next One.

[youtube WM1RChZk1EU]

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